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catching up, some of the most interesting stories we came across over the last, well, 2 months

  • Karla Cripps of CNNGo visits the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi
  • The Australian: Aman New Delhi turns one
  • CNNGo features six hotel  restaurants with incredible views, including Anantara Seminyak, Amansara and the Datai
  • Speaking of the Datai, here is a report over at Sassy Hong Kong
  • HK Magazine with an excellent list of the best alfresco bars in Hong Kong
  • Huffington Post: Melanie Nayer inside the World’s tallest hotel
  • The Independent: 24-hour room service: Alila Diwa, Goa
  • A nice collection of first impressions from Hong Kong
  • The Hotel Design blog with some gorgeous pictures of Les Suites Orient Bund Shanghai
  • CNNGo’s Best Eats awards for 2010 for Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and Mumbai
  • The Guardian explores an important question: Why is outdoor gear so ugly?
  • USA Today: How can you tell which TripAdvisor reviews to trust?
  • National Geographic Traveler: The Tap Dance of Tipping
  • CNNGo: 24 hours at Changi airport




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