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Alila Villas Uluwatu Site Inspection

Some pictures from our site inspection at the wonderful Alila Villas Uluwatu. Unfortunately the weather was not that good.







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Kirana Spa, Ubud, Bali

Einen wirklich schönen Tag kann man im Kirana Spa in Ubud verbringen, einem Joint Venture der königlichen Familie aus Ubud und der japanischen Kosmetikfirma Shiseido. Die Auswahl an Behandlungen ist nicht sehr groß, sie zeichnen sich aber eindeutig durch ihre Länge und Qualität aus. Einfach unbeschreiblich ist es, sich drei Stunden am Stück massieren zu lassen und sich danach zu fragen, warum die Zeit eigentlich schon um ist. Während der Massage versinkt man in einen tranceartigen Zustand, um danach tiefenentspannt im Jacuzzi mit Blick auf den balinesischen Dschungel ein paar kleine Snacks und Tee zu sich zu nehmen.

Spektakulär ist auch das Spa selbst. Jedem Besucher steht eine eigene zweistöckige Spa Villa hoch über dem Ayung River gelegen zur Verfügung, die man alleine oder zu zweit buchen kann. Im unteren Bereich befindet sich ein moderner, mit balinesichen Elementen eingerichteter Bereich, in dem man sich umziehen und duschen kann. Shiseido Produkte stehen zum Gebrauch bereit. Im oberen Teil befindet sich der Open Air Behandlungsraum mit Blick ins Grüne. Alles sehr geschmackvoll in balinesischem Stil. Nach der Behandlung stehen Pool und Dampfbad zur freien Verfügung.

Fazit: Ein must go für alle, die schöne Spas lieben.


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Borobudur and Amanjiwo

One of the most spectacular places in the world is Borobudur. Never heard of it? Me neither, until I saw a picture of the hotel Amanjiwo on the cover of a book. Borobudur, situated on Java, Indonesia, 42 km from Yogjarkarta, is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world, built around the 9th century and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is surrounded by four volcanoes. Amanjiwo, which was inspired by Borobudur, is nearby.

In the driveway to Amanjiwo the driver stops for a moment and draws our attention to the first extraordinary detail. The hotel lobby was built like a stupa standing on columns and reveals the view of Borobudur in the middle of the background. Just like a picture in a picture.

One of many activities the hotel offers is to see Borobudur when the sun rises before it is open to the public. You wake up at 4 a.m. with a small breakfast before driving to the temple. Having arrived you can take the direct way up using steep stairways or you take some more time and walk along the galleries and the upper terraces in clockwise direction. The way illustrates Buddha’s slow rise to spiritual satori (enlightenment) in countless scenes. None of the galleries reveal the view to the surrounding, the next level or the top to make sure the visitor’s attention is not distracted by anything. Having arrived at the central stupa, which symbolises Nirvana, you can sit down and wait for the sun to rise.

From far away you hear a muezzin while the first sunlight appears on the horizon and the morning mist slowly dissolves over the trees. The rising sun sheds a soft light on the structure and its surrounding where the volcanoes gradually appear. Minute after minute the new day is dawning, nature is revived, and the place is still full of magic.

Back in the hotel, I begin to understand how Amanjiwo is inspired by Borobudur. The building is also arranged in planes, the villas are connected by passages and stairways which do not allow a look to the top or down. The central axis of the hotel is directed at Borobudur where the temple can always be seen in the background. The roofs of the main hall and of the villas are designed in the form of the central stupa. This theme is reflected even in the smallest detail from the stupa-like form of the sun shields to the wooden room key tags.

Some of the villas of Amanjiwo offer a direct view of Borobudur. Standing on the yoga mat, looking at the temple, memories that last forever.


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Samaya Bali, a review

Samaya Bali Breeze restaurant

Samaya Seminyak Bali

46 private pool villas right on the beach and close to everything happening in Seminyak, the hippest place in Bali

Samaya Seminyak Bali

What makes it special

  • The combination of the beach location, spacious private villas and being close to great bars, restaurants and shops
  • The always present GM Ray Clark and his team provide excellent service
  • The restaurant Breeze has great food and the location right on the beach is the best in Seminyak
  • The beach in Seminyak is perfect for endless walks
  • Yoga early in the morning with ocean view
  • Very popular for Cocktails enjoying the sunset

You should know

  • The Courtyard villas are across the street, about 5 min walk to the main part of the hotel or you can always call a buggy
  • The other villas have the advantage of being closer to the beach but are getting a little old and are going to be renovated staring Oct. 2010

Samaya Bali

Samaya Bali


  • Seminyak is full of great hotels but the beach location and GM Ray Clark give the Samaya the edge.

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Kayumanis Ubud, a review

What is it

a stylish boutique hotel with 23 huge private pool villas in Sayan near Ubud, high above the Ayung river valley

What makes it special Weiterlesen