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Your travel reading list for the weekend

Some of the best travel stories of the week taken from our Twitter timeline:

  • Then and now: The stories behind Southeast Asia’s heritage hotels |
  • RT @DestinAsian_Mag: Our Picks of the Best New Restaurants, Shops, & Bars in Hong Kong
  • RT @KathrinBauer: The best city timelapse videos from around the world via @travelettes
  • Our friend Yohanes Budiyanto’s top 15 Hotels in Asia
  • Fotopedia Magazine — The Golden Light of Myanmar, by Christopher Veenstra
  • A New Classic Rises on Bangkok’s Riverfront @TheSiam
  • HarperTravel: Who’s looking at Burma? Who isn’t? Aman, Six Senses, the list goes on
  • Now Open: @TheSiam Bangkok and Its Private Pool Courtyard Villas – Hotel Chatter
  • RT @KoelnFormat: Meine Reise nach Vietnam mit #Emirates – in Instagram
  • Robert De Niro and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa Give Details on the First-Ever Nobu Hotel
  • Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon
  • Futuristic Solar-Powered Floating Resort – My Modern Metropolis
  • Wynn Macau – Cafe Encore, the Stay and the Spa by @e_ting

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What we are reading

some of our favourite travel articles of the last 2 weeks:

  • Thomas Marzano reports on his great experience at the Four Seasons Palo Alto using Twitter
  • A Luxury Travel Blog checks out the amazing Ananda in the Himalayas
  • CNNGo with a nice guide to Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
  • Sassy Hong Kong reviews the Alila Villas Soori, Bali
  • The Diary of the Purple Passport visits the Yoga Yard in Beijing
  • The global blackbook on the Anantara Seminyak Bali
  • Mini-Shopping mit dem Peninsula Tokyo
  • Ecosalon: Alila Villas Uluwatu
  • Mapplr reviews the Nam Hai in Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Designboom: Touchscreen vending machines in Tokyo
  • The Wall Street Journal: An Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong
  • A Luxury Travel Blog: the new Hotel de EDGE by Rhombus in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong opening soon
  • Luxist: Four Seasons Marrakech opens this summer
  • The New York Times reviews the W Retreat and Spa Vieques Island
  • The Practical Traveler column at the NYT on how not to get sick from a flight
  • The Guardian: Macau, where China likes to spend it
  • Der Spiegel: Wellness-Oasen in Großstädten

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Fish Spa, a visit

Fish Spa? ‚What the heck is that?‘ I thought when we were strolling around the Shoppes at Four Seasons, Cotai Strip, Macau, on Christmas Eve in 2008. I am always curious and open to many things, so this attracted my spontaneous, undivided attention, and indeed I made a completely new experience. I abandoned my husband for an hour.

In a Fish Spa small doctor fish (Garra Rufa) about the size of a thumb are swimming in a shallow tiled pool waiting for their food – only that here no flakes are cast into the water, but the customers themselves are the food, who place their bare feet and lower legs into the pleasantly warm water. With their hard jaws the fish nibble off the dead skin cells, leaving behind tender, soft skin. At the same time the treatment has the same effect as a foot reflexology massage. All this was explained to me initially, and yet it was a real effort of will for me to soak my feet in the basin. A vague feeling that the fish might bite off my foot crept over me.

As I observed, most of the Fish Spa visitors were having a lot of fun. Some went about it with a little fear, some with courage, some were skeptical, some disgusted. But many of them relaxed quickly until cheerful smiles showed on their faces – not only because the fish treatment experience is terribly ticklish in the beginning, but simply because it is nice to sit there, watch the fish and have the feet massaged. Some of them, however, appeared to be unable to get rid of the feeling that their feet were captured in a pool full of Piranhas, as the noise level suggested. I think that this experience is worth trying  anyway.

In fact, the underlying idea is not new at all. Fish are regarded as an alternative for skin problems such as psoriasis. A visit to the fish spa is not recommendable, by the way, for people who have sore points at their feet. They are getting worse thereafter.

Fish Spa in

  • Macau: Shoppes at Four Seasons
  • Singapore: Sentosa Fish Spa, where there is also a basin with bigger fish with more appetite for obstinate cases
  • Kuala Lumpur: Kenko Fish Spa, for example in the shopping mall “Pavillion Kuala Lumpur” (without link, see photo)

In the meantime more and more Fish Spas have opened, in Asia anyway. Even in Berlin one will be opened soon.


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Fish Spa, ein Besuch

Fish Spa? Was ist das denn? Dachte ich, als wir am Heiligabend 2008 durch die Shoppes at Four Seasons, Cotai Strip, Macau, schlenderten. Ich bin neugierig  und offen für viele Dinge, die das Leben so zu bieten hat. Folglich erregte dies meine spontane, ungeteilte Aufmerksamkeit und ich machte in der Tat eine völlig neue Erfahrung. Mein Mann war für eine Stunde abgemeldet. Weiterlesen