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Amansara, a review



what is it

The former guesthouse of King Sihanouk, beautifully restored by Aman with 24 suites in Siem Reap minutes away from the ancient Angkor temples.

what makes it special

  • Amansara makes it possible to see the temples in a way that avoids the crowds, some smaller temples you have for yourself and they manage to be in the most popular temples when they are least crowded
  • Airport pick-up in a vintage 60’s Mercedes
  • You have your own remork and driver at all times
  • Young and extremely nice staff
  • The dining room, once the King’s screening room, is open all times and the open bar
  • The feeling that you stay at a friend’s guest house
  • The contemporary design is the perfect contrast after spending the day exploring the temples

Amansara suite

you should know

  • If you want to see the Angkor temples without the crowds you will have to get up very early, like 4am.
  • Much smaller than other Amans, so not so much public space.


Without a doubt the most exclusive way to explore Angkor.

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Bayon temple, Angkor