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Kayumanis Ubud, a review

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What is it

a stylish boutique hotel with 23 huge private pool villas in Sayan near Ubud, high above the Ayung river valley

What makes it special

  • in a word… the staff. It is easy to find hotels in Bali with good service, but at Kayumanis the staff is special, extremely nice and good at what they do, they just make you smile
  • everybody knows who you are right from the start
  • no-signing-policy just like Aman
  • dining corner with outstanding food, moderately priced and terrific views over the Ayung river jungle
  • the serene atmosphere everywhere around the river valley
  • the inclusions, free minibar, afternoon tea and snacks, shuttle to ubud whenever you want, magnificent guided treks along Ayung river and in Ubud
  • 3 open-air yoga places with stunning views
  • the Spa-treatment villas and the main pool close to the river
  • the romantic in-villa-dining

You should know

  • very quiet, mostly couples, who stay in their villas
  • no kids under 16 allowed
  • in some of the villas the bathroom is completely outdoors
  • no view from most of the villas


clearly our favorite in Ubud, such a special overall experience, perfect place to relax in your spacious villa, do outdoor yoga with a view and explore the wonders of Ubud.


  • Viceroy
  • Chedi
  • Uma



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